I use Graphisoft Archicad 21 software for all my projects and as part of my recent license purchase, I have been sent a Cardboard VR headset by Graphisoft. I have been a little sceptical of the benefit of this technology but I decided to keep an open mind and test it with a few current projects.

The process of exporting my 3d models into the cloud ready to be used in the mobile app was surprisingly quick and easy. From there I was able to open the model in the mobile app and use the headset by inserting the smart phone into the headset.

Jackson Crane VR

The image below shows what you see through the headset. The technology presents a stereoscopic display that presents a different view of the virtual scene to each eye, in the same way that stereo headphones play different sounds for each ear. Stereoscopy is a powerful cue to the brain that certain objects are farther away than others. Combined with other depth cues, such as parallax (objects in the distance appear to move slower than objects close up), converging lines, and shading, a stereoscopic display can be employed to effectively create a sense of presence.

Overall I was really impressed with the VR experience and really think my clients could benefit from this technology. I was able to walk around the space and get a feel for the volume, layout and design in a much more immersive way than a 2d drawing or even a 3d model presented on a screen. I was so impressed that I am going to introduce the experience into my project workflow and use it as a tool during the design process. Clients will be able to experience their projects in 3d at crucial times in the design process and make key decisions that will influence the design.

If you have a project in mind or would like to see your project in Virtual Reality, please get in touch .